About Us

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Essential adv | What We Do
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What We Do


  • Go over client’s hiring needs and parse out the budget to meet those needs.
  • We work for you; we are not sales people working on quotas!
  • We negotiate contracts with vendors to get you the product mix for your specific needs, not necessarily what the vendor is pushing.
  • We come up with custom recruiting solutions to fit your firm. Your needs are not the same as another firm’s needs.
  • We know the products available for finding candidates – all of the products available, from all of the vendors. This is our niche.
  • We deal with recruitment advertising in all forms of print (newspapers, magazines, pennysaver’s, more); all forms of internet (job boards, social media sites, cost per click, etc.), radio advertising and even billboards.
  • For a fee, we write and post your openings on your products.
  • We train your recruiters on the best way to use their products including how to search for candidates including how to set saved searches, find candidates with competitor agencies in your area and find hard to find candidates in multiple ways (if they exist, we can find them).
  • Social media writing and advice.
  • Review your website and give advice on how to be visible on the web.
  • Google Jobs.
  • We’re your eyes. We monitor your recruiter’s usage and report any issues back to you.  We make sure they are using the tools you are paying for correctly and report any issues back to you on a regular basis.  Sales people sell you the product. If they send a report, it’s a multi-page graph you do not have time to analyze. We provide you with only the details you need.  Example:
    • Susan hasn’t logged into her user in 4 weeks.
    • Your team is not utilizing all of their posting slots; if you have openings, you may want to post them in the open slots.
  • We trouble shoot all of your job board issues.



Michael Smith

Lead Designer

Lara Stanford

HR Manager

Nico Albarado

Web Designer

Miranda Thomas

Web Designer
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.